Freelance website design & development by Joel Whitford


I’m Joel Whitford, a web designer & developer based in Melbourne, Australia.

I design purpose built, fast-loading websites that adhere to world wide web consortium guidelines which, most importantly, meet the needs of the clients who commission me to build them.

Joel Whitford - 1318 Web Design & Consultancy Services
I don’t try to sell you hosting services or domain names at over inflated prices. I, instead, provide reliable and sensible advice on obtaining these components yourself. In the process of doing so, I aim at demystifying the ‘complexities’ of hosting a website by highlighting the real costs involved and ensuring that you pay only for what you need.

With my assistance, you will develop a better understanding of how websites work and will be in control of yours. You will, more than likely, save serious amounts of money over a period of time by having direct relationships with those ‘service’ providers that are key to establishing & maintaining your presence on the web.

One of my many goals is to ensure that my clients have, aside from a functionally rich public facing website, un-impeeded access to their site ‘back-end’, thereby providing you, the client, the ability to take control of the website yourself by putting you in the drivers seat.

I’m of the opinion that every business is unique and the needs of a business website will almost always differ between clients. My tailor-made solutions will be right for some, and maybe not for others and it’s the ultra-personal service I offer that tends to set me apart. If you’re looking for the large flashy agency with 25 staff and cafe quality coffee machine in the meeting room…chances are I’m not your guy. Instead, I’m the hands-on solo operator that takes a vested interest in your business goals and works with you, one-on-one to meet them.

I’m always happy to discuss what can be done with a website and how it can work for you. To that end, I encourage you to pick up the phone & start the discussion. You’ll decide soon enough whether you believe my approach and skills meet your needs.